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In House

These are the good people who offer Office Hours at Centerpoint during the week, by appointment and with a set schedule. Call (713) 932-7224 or contact the individual service provider.
Be sure to check out the Sunday Expos. You won't know who is going to be there with out you if you don't show up!

Grendl Tucker

Teacher & Oracle Advisor

Grendl has been interpreting the Tarot Cards for over 25 years. Often today, we are seeking alternative answers to life's questions and more intuitive ways to overcome past obstacles that may be keeping us from fulfilling our truest desires, as well as to understand the external and subconscious influences that affect our current choices. And, of course, we want see the future potential of our careers, finance, and relationships. Make an appointment for some new insights into your life, love and career.
By Appointment call (713)  932-7224
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LaZelle Bradley

Holistic Nutritionist

Specializing in Herbal whole foods, Gluten intolerance, Weight loss, Candida yeast overgrowth Sugar addictions and cravings, Hormone imbalance, Anti-aging, Herbal facials, Gluten and Grasp test, and Herbal regenerative skin care.
By Appointment call (281)  440-3136
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Cinda Johnson

Life Coach

A Master NLP Programmer, Certified Body Talk Practitioner with advanced protocols, CPC, nationally recognized Communications-Life Coach-Advisor experienced in Archetypes, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, EFT/NLP.
For an Appointment call (713)  664-9781
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Spiritual Advisor

Through the use of the Tarot, crystal ball and an assortment of other tools, Lazarus communicates with your guides to provide a clear and understandable picture around whatever given situation you may have. Beyond his readings he is also available for house visits offering a variety of services as House Blessings and clearings. For more information or to book a reading for a Tuesday or Thursday be sure to give him a call or drop him an email. To book an Appointment call (832)  726-5327
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Nguyet Nguyen


Have you ever wondered about Acupuncture? Do you desire a different approach from standard medicines? Acupuncture is a component of the health care system of China that can be traced back at least 2,500 years. The general theory of acupuncture is based on the premise that there are patterns of energy flow (Qi) through the body that are essential for health. Disruptions of this flow are believed to be responsible for disease.
Call and book your Appointment today (832)  303-1811
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Rev Kitty Michele Nelson

Wholistic Intuitive

Gifted at the young age of 10 with her first Deck of Tarot, Kitty Michele has been on this journey for over 45 years. Defining herself as a Wholistic Intuitive and Healer, she is an avid researcher and Certified Herbal Specialist, Aromatherapist and a Reiki Master and Teacher for over 20 yrs. . She gives the complete package for health and spiritual guidance. Possessive of a quick sense of humor she delivers her messages from your guides and ancestors with emotion, humor and love. To book an Appointment call (832)  349-1882
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Joelle of Enlightened Spiritual Solutions

Spiritual Solutions Tarot

Joelle founded Enlightened Spiritual Solutions in 2006, and has dedicated her life’s work to empowering others through enlightenment and sharing the knowledge she has gained over the past 30 years. With her clairaudient and empathic gifts she is able to deliver a message in an honest, uplifting and inspirational manner.
Ask about CenterPoint Walk-in Wednesday (no appt required) Specials 2-6 p.m. For personal private or phone consultations, corporate and non-profit or private party bookings call (713)  782-8087
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Expo Professionals and Practitioners

These good people are the many faces who offer their expertise at Centerpoint. You can find them at the Expos or call (713) 932-7224 for schedule information.
Details and contact information is provided for private consultations.

Brother Raccoon

Brother Raccoon

Brother Raccoon has a direct line to the Akashic Records and the Ancestors as he throws the bones for you. Every aspect of the reading is both intriguing and captivating. You are taken on a journey to hear the words of the ancestors and what they desire for you, where you need to pay attention as well as what you must work on in the here and now. Definitely not something to be missed.
By Appointment call (832)  922-1382
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Blondel Adolphe

Blondel Adolphe

Modern reflexology is based on an ancient form of therapy. There is evidence of some form of foot and hand therapy being practised in China as long ago as 4,000 B.C. and also at the same time in Egypt, as depicted in the tomb of Ankmahor. The North American tribes of Indians are known to have practised a form of foot therapy for hundreds of years.
By Appointment call (832)  693-6467
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Trevor Sager

Trevor Sager

Trevor recently relocated to Houston from Cape Town, South Africa and has set up a Therapeutic Reflexology practice in Bellaire. He was certified by the South African Institute of Reflexology in 1987 and registered as a Therapeutic Reflexologist by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa. Trevor is also a full professional member of the Reflexology Association of America and the South African Reflexology Association. He was certified by the South African Ayurvedic Medicine Association and registered as a practitioner by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Trevor is also an Acupressure or Body Reflexology therapist. Trevor has been intimately involved in the health and fitness industries and is a certified Body Conditioning Instructor. He was one of the pioneering instructors of aerobics in South Africa.

Trevor has been practicing Reflexology for 27 years and August 2014, opened a Therapeutic Reflexology practice on West Loop South in Bellaire. It is from here that he strives to achieve his primary goal of dispensing well being.
By Appointment call (281)  795-1483
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Michael Unger

Michael Unger

By Appointment call (713)  858-3482

Kim O'Neill

Kim O'Neill

By Appointment call (281) 651-1599
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Oxygen Bar

Oxygen Bar

Denise and her husband bring you the very best in pure, enlivening, O2. Sit down for 10 minutes, breathe in the calming Lavender or invigorating Lemongrass, even mix up your own concoction and add some Eucalyptus to the mix. A treat for the body, mind & spirit.
By Appointment call (832)  922-1382
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