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Centerpoint Body Mind and Spirit has a mission to create and foster a community metaphysical center open to adults seeking to achieve body, mind and spiritual balance through healthier living, personal growth, higher consciousness and hands-on experience with ancient and modern healing modalities.
We connect customers to affordable, quality education with Professional Teachers, Ministers, Healers, Therapists, Artists, Counselors and Life Coaches, as well as services with Health and Wellness Professionals.
Centerpoint Body Mind and Spirit offers the community a sacred space where all can explore alternative healing and metaphysical practices, meeting like-minded persons in a safe atmosphere of love and acceptance.

Grendl Recommends

Or three or four. Tea is a marvelous way to energize and to relax. There is a bounty of good choices you can find at your local markets now a days. Not the same ol' Lipton and it's ilk, but good, quality and healthful choices. Try some Chai tea to start your day, good for a little kick with all it's yummy spice.
Chai is meant to have a bit of sugar, honey, stevia, something that brings out the fullness of all the spices. Traditionally made with cream/milk and honey.
We all would like a healthier lifestyle, and we certainly want a better future for our children. First thing is to teach them about the labels on their food, understanding what is really good and what is fake-good. Franken-food is present in nearly everything we unassumingly purchase. A good rule of thumb, if it looks like a chemical, is three or more syllables long, or has numbers with it, chances are it is a chemical. Of course this doesn't follow the golden rule when it comes to Co-Q-10, a must have for every one!
Teach your children young, how to eat, what to eat. Try to steer clear of the highly processed, chemical foods, fast foods and the like. We'll be better off.
So we know the Sun is really important for our mental and emotional well-being, not to mention the need for Vitamin D3, but when you spend a little too much time, the after effects are down right, stinging! So what's a body to do? How about using a cup of apple cider vinegar in your bath and soak for about 20 minutes. This should help take the sting out. Another good aid is coconut oil. It is naturally anti-inflammatory. It will help reduce the redness and take down the heat. And more still, the Ancient Egyptians would use Honey to take the sting out of burns and help the skin heal faster. Coriander essential oil diluted in an oil base is often found soothing.
One of nature's little secrets. It works wonders on killing fleas, bed bugs, gnats, and other bugs with exoskeletons. The microscope edges are sharp and cut through the exoskeleton causing the little buggers to dehydrate and die. What's good about taking it in a smoothie (Must be food grade!) is that it pretty much does the same for the lovelies hiding in our intestines. It is safe for your pets and small children, but that doesn't mean you need to just leave it out for curiosity to get out of hand.

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