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Centerpoint is still changing and evolving, like the metamorphosis of a butterfly. In fact, if you have seen the new facility, butterflies are definitely a theme here. Are you working on your personal transformation? Look at our August schedule for many new classes designed to open and expand our hearts and consciousness. Seven Paths to Enlightenment, Beyond Logic: Answers from Divination, Love Potion No. 27 and Symbols, Signs, and Omens: How to Interpret Meaning are just a few of the classes being offered in August.

And soon summer will be over.... What can we do to slow time and revel in the joy of life? My answer to that is "Breathe." Breathe slow, and take the time to pay more attention to all the little things that make up the big picture. Focus on the good feelings, and vibrate more love to those in your life. Let love be the force that allows you to forgive, to accept and to transform your past story into a new, brilliant story, yet to unfold with great adventures and greater personal achievement.

See you at Centerpoint,

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October's Horoscope

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The weather just seems to be getting hotter with each passing day. Be sure to stay well hydrated. It's a busy time for all, getting ready to send the kids back to school, our older kids off to college and wind down after it all to just take some time out to breathe.

When you find yourself needing that all important Ahhh moment, be sure to stop by Centerpoint for the Sunday Expo, each Sunday where you can see many of your Centerpoint Family, sip on some charged water, coffee or tea and be home for a few hours. Visit, relax, discuss a variety of topics with others of like-minds, take a deep breath of pure, fragrant oxygen at Denise and Mike Bell's Oxygen booth, or sit with one of the many gifted Readers you've come to know and love; Helen, Joelle, Sister Glo, Lazarus, Linda, Jill, Brother Raccoon, Marilia.

Did I mention tea? Amanda, The Tea Mistress has a wonderful selection of special blended teas and other products to enhance your tea embibing experience. Pair that with a Tea Leaf Reading from Kitty Michele Nelson and you've got one more new experience under your belt! Another Ahhh moment.

And the all important part of relaxing is letting the stress flow out of the body. What better way than to experience the sounds and touch of one of the many body workers that participate in the Sunday Expos!?! Mike Unger with his Energy and Access bars work. Kevin Leonard's tuning forks and Sound Acupuncture. Blondel's magic reflexology works wonders on the sole (pun intended). George and Missy pair up with their EFT and energy matrix.

Health is important, mentally and physically. Knowing where you want to go and how to get there, what baggage you're carrying and shouldn't is key. Cinda Johnson offers her marvelous wisdom and insights as a Life Coach, Angel card reader and EFT Master. LaZelle Bradley is passionate about Nutrition and Your health. Samples, nutritious products, and the all important Gluten Sensitivity test are just a few more things to add to your Centerpoint experience. And there are so many others that join us, guests from all across the State and Country. We look forward to seeing you here.

We really are the Metaphysical Centerpoint, a matrix for the entire Community. Come be part of the Whole and share your light with us!

Centerpoint Expos

Centerpoint has a 30 year history of hosting Expos that highlight and introduce various Spiritual and Holistic professionals from all over the country, not just from our own back yard.

It was started and maintained with the concept of being a central location for like-minded people to gather and meet with world famous Authors, Healers, Scientists and Spiritual Leaders.

We continue that tradition today, bringing Guests in from all over Texas and the Country. Nathan Main and John Capello will be returning and several others are adding Centerpoint to their Tour Schedules.

Houston's Centerpoint of the Metaphysical

We celebrate the many talented people of Houston and the surrounding areas who come each week to support us and offer their services. There is a rich and active community here with long standing professionals who live and breathe the Way. Sharing their life experiences, their education and studies, research and training with the public.

What you can do to learn more is come to the Expos, every Sunday from 1pm - 5pm, visit, see whom you are drawn to and sit down for a reading, or an indepth Health analysis. Experience EFT or investigate Acupuncture. If this is new to you and you're drawn to finding out more then come to a Free Health Expo on the last Sunday of the Month. For a Love Donation to those practitioners who are donating their time and services you can experience the healing touch.
Please Note: Readers and some services are full-charge.

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